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Why Burg Eltz is Definitely Worth Visiting

Less than an hour from Frankfurt, Burg Eltz is a popular day trip for those looking to escape the city. Because it has gained so much Instagram interest in recent years, I was worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype. But what I found was a gorgeous walk and an unforgettable day trip in the German countryside. The castle is very easy to access, making it super easy to add to any trip. Here is why Burg Eltz is worth visiting.

Burg Eltz is special for more than its fairytale beauty. This 850-year-old castle is still owned by the same family that built it. Plus, it has escaped destruction from war which is rare for castles of its age, making it an excellent example of medieval history. Paid tours will shuttle you here. However, I recommend renting a car and making the hour-long drive from Frankfurt. Part of what made this castle worth visiting was driving on the autobahn through the gorgeous Rhineland region surrounding it.

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The Best Burg Eltz Photo Spots

The most iconic photo spot is the bridge leading into the castle’s main entrance. Prepare to wait in line to get “the” shot and be courteous to others trying to do the same! However, there are plenty of other places to get a gorgeous photo including from the trail leading up to it, and from the Eltzbahn River below the castle. If I ever visit in warmer weather, I will be hiking the four-hour Eltz Panorama Trail.

Pro Tip: The cobbled bridge is the most iconic photo spot. However, if you back up onto the asphalt road, it will be easier to get portrait shots without people in them.

Burg Eltz FAQs

When is the best time to visit Burg Eltz?

It depends on what you want to do. The grounds are open all year long, but the interior and tours are only open seasonally from March to October. I enjoyed my visit in the off-season in November because there were fewer people. However, I was only able to experience the castle exterior.

What is parking like at Burg Eltz?

The parking lot is a gravel pull-off that is easy to find from the main road. However, it is not very big, so I would arrive early to secure a spot as the parking spaces are not marked. It is easy to find the parking meter to pay from the parking lot and easy to find the two paths to the castle. One is the paved road that the shuttle takes, and the other is a 15-minute easy-to-follow trail through the Eltz Forest.

Is visiting Burg Eltz free?

Not usually. The parking costs 2 euros, the shuttle is 2 euros if you choose to take it, and an adult ticket is 12 euros to get into the castle. If you just want to see the exterior, then parking is the only cost. However, when I visited off-season the parking lot meter was off so my visit was free!

How long do you need to explore Burg Eltz?

I would give Burg Eltz a two-hour minimum to explore if you are only getting pictures. Add an hour if you are taking an interior tour, and check the hike times if you plan to add in some walking.

Is Burg Eltz worth visiting?


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