Visiting the Neon Museum
Nevada,  United States

11 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit the Neon Museum

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is a photographer’s wonderland. Situated just beyond the strip at the repurposed La Concha Motel, huge iconic signs line a two-acre desert lot. This nonprofit museum collects and exhibits historic signs, preserving the culture and history surrounding the pieces. However, the faded pastels of what used to be bright electric lures are more than a picture-perfect backdrop. The retired and lightly rusted metal giants make for a literal walk down memory lane.

La Concha Motel at the Neon Museum Las Vegas
This neon sign mimics the shape of the now Neon Museum lobby. You won’t be able to miss it from the road!
Lucky in Las Vegas, visiting the Neon Museum
Binion's Horseshoe at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas
Neon Boneyard at the Neon Museum
Stardust at the Neon Museum
The Stardust is one of the biggest pieces on the lot, aside from the Hard Rock guitar which you can see in the background.
A visit to the Neon Museum LV.
Visiting the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas
The Yucca Motel. (And probably my favorite piece!)
Neon boneyard in Las Vegas.
The Sahara from Las Vegas Boulevard.
Our guide informed us that this sign was from the back entrance of the Sahara. An even larger sign was on Las Vegas Boulevard!
Signs from the neon boneyard.
Viva Las Vegas at the Neon Museum

Visit the Neon Museum’s website to purchase tickets early and to check out all of their photography policies before your visit.

Is visiting the Neon Museum on your Vegas bucket list? I hope it is now! Let me know in the comments what your favorite iconic sign is. And if you are looking for more desert fun, check out my guide to hiking Red Rock Canyon.

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