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    Travel Devotional: Christ on Cinque Terre

    Why do you travel? Perhaps to see beautiful sights or to get lost in nature. Maybe even to appreciate a new culture or to learn more about the world around you. I absolutely love all of these aspects of travel. However, deepening my wonder and appreciation for the One who created it all is what draws me most to exploring the place that He so lovingly designed. Italy was my first adventure abroad. Consequently, it…

  • inside a sequoia
    California,  United States

    5 Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Miss in Sequoia National Park

    If you’ve ever wanted to walk among giants, Sequoia National Park is the place to go. Tucked away in California’s Sierra Nevadas, this park offers easy hiking, spectacular views, and can transport you into another world. Imaginations run wild as you gain the perspective of ants in a forest that looks like it was meant for dinosaurs. Best of all, the park is incredibly accessible and easy to navigate. Here are 5 things you can’t miss on…

  • Greece Dome

    A Quick Guide To Getting Around Greece

    One of the most nervewracking aspects of travel is the travel itself. I feel my most vulnerable when I am lugging my belongings from one location to the next. If you are headed to Greece, prepare to put that stress aside! I’ve made a list of everything you need to know for getting around Greece.

  • train to hanford
    California,  United States

    The Ice Cream Train: Finding Adventure When You Can’t Go International

    One look at my ever-growing bucket list should tell you that I still have quite a few places to cross off. Although I don’t have any current plans (or funds) to explore internationally, I do look for any and every opportunity to adventure locally. For me, Fresno, California is local. When I heard of the ice cream train to Hanford, I knew I had to discover this destination for myself. Enjoying ice cream the size of…

  • The Grand Canyon
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    The Absolute Best Scripture For Travel

    One of my goals for this blog is to inspire new adventure. What really motivates me to travel is getting to know this world a little better and in turn, getting to know the one who created it a little better as well. I try not to get too cheesy with my content, but when prepping for a trip, equipping yourself spiritually is just as important as equipping yourself with any knowledge or luggage. Of…

  • boat in the jungle river
    Costa Rica

    3 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Honeymooning in Costa Rica

    So you want to kickstart your marriage with an international adventure. A Costa Rica honeymoon is the perfect place for a fun jungle escape or a relaxing lounge on the beach! But before you jet set into wedded bliss, you should know a few things about this Caribbean paradise. Here are 3 things I wish I knew before honeymooning in Costa Rica. Taxi Scammers Are Real Uber was not available when my husband and I had our Costa…

  • panorama of avila dog beach
    California,  United States

    Your Guide to a Perfect Day at the Dog Beach

    When I picture the perfect weekend, I see sun, sand, and the whole family splashing together in the waves. By the”whole family,” of course I mean pets too! What better way to unwind than hitting the dog beach. What is a Dog Beach? Before you go frolicking with Fido, beware that not all beaches allow pets. In fact, you could accrue a pretty hefty fine (in some cases up to $1,000!) if you are caught…

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    My Bucket List

    Is a travel blog really a travel blog without a bucket list? I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the greatest at setting specific goals. I prefer simple, hard-to-fail goals such as “graduate” or “see the world.” In fact, I never bothered to update my five-year plan since completing the former. I think my reluctance to set goals stems from a fear of disappointment. Do I really want to broadcast my dreams to the world so…

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    98 Minutes in Heaven

    I wrote this piece to apply for the 2018 World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship. Although I didn’t win, this was my first attempt at travel writing and largely inspired me to start this blog! I hope you enjoy what turned out to be my favorite little adventure from Greece. 98 Minutes in Heaven “90 minutes and counting,” my husband said from the plastic crate he had flipped to make a stool. “Pinterest-perfect vacation babe.” Ha. Ha. I…